Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Since I gave you the worst I guess I should give you the best.


Sports Talk Show Host
- Soren Petro
Syndicated Radio Show - Glenn Beck
Meteorologist - Mike Thompson
AM Talk show host - Darla Jaye
News Programming - KMBC
Journalist - Michael Mahoney
News Website - KSHB
Radio Station - 810 WHB
TV Sports Anchor
- Frank Boal
TV News Anchor - Larry Moore
Media Member covering politics
- Dave Helling
Sports Columnist
- Jason Whitlock
New Radio Personality - Jason Anderson
Covered Story in the Media - Kelsie Smith
Idea in Media - Star Layoffs
Metro TV Station - Metro Sports
Media controlled Blog - Crime Scene KC
Reading over lunch - The Pitch
Special Interest Group
School District - Blue Valley
Republican -Sam Brownback
Democrat - Mike Sanders
Community Activist - JOCO SOB
Kansas Politician - Sam Brownback
Missouri Politician - Kit Bond
Local Cause - Crime Prevention
Community to live in - JOCO
Street to live on - Mission Road
JOCO City - Leawood
Least Blight - Leawood
Missouri Burb to live in - Lee's Summit
Town to live in - Lawrence
Highway to drive on - 435
Street for Development in JOCO - 135th street
place to rent an apartment in JOCO -Town Center Plaza
JOCO HS - Blue Valley North
JOCO Elem School - Blue River
JOCO Park - Heritage Park
JOCO Police Cars - Lenexa
Trash Pick Up - Overland Park
Place to live in KCMO - WALDO
Historical Marker - Liberty Memorial
Tourist Attraction - The Plaza
Pizza Place - George's Pizza
BBQ - Oklahoma Joes
Deli - New York Deli
Chicken -Strouds
Fast Food Drive Through - Wendy's
Steak - J. Gilberts
Fries -Oklahoma Joes
Hyped Fast Food Place - Culvers
Bar Food - Johnny's
Italian Food -Jaspers
Service - Melting Pot
Meal for the Money - Amore de Brazil
Seafood - McCormick & Schmicks
Mexican - Abuelos
Fast Food Mexican - Taco Via
Lunch Buffet - Waldo Pizza
Burger - Flying Saucer
Chili Cheese Fries - The Peanut
Donuts - Krispy Kreme
Breakfast - Cascones Diner
Drug Store Chain -Walgreens
Electronics - Best Buy
Grocery Store Chain- Hen House
Place to buy Meat - McGonigles
Pay TV/Internet - AT&T
Mall - Oak Park
Gas Station -Quick Trip
Priced Computers - Best Buy
Priced BBQ Equipment - Oklahoma Joes BBQ Store
Place to Buy a Motorcycle - Worth Harley Davidson
New Shopping Area - Village West
Box Store - Target
Outdoors Store - Bass Pro Shop
Hardware Store - Nuts & Bolts
Book Store - Barnes & Noble
College Athletic Department
- KU
College Basketball Tean -KU
College Football Team - MU
Sports Franchise - Royals
Athlete in Public - Tony Gonzalez
General Manager - Dayton Moore
Chiefs Player - Brandon Flowers
Royals Player -Zack Greinke
Games to Attend - Royals
Cheerleaders - Brigade
Mascot -Slugger
Fans -Royals
Entertainment Area - P&L District
Bar -McCoys Public House
Movie Theater - AMC 30 Olathe
Place to Attend an Event - Sprint Center
Place to see Animals - Deanna Rose
Place to Entertain your Kids -Power Play
People watching - Casinos
Hotel For a Weekend - Westin Crown Center
Romantic Dinner - The Melting Pot
TV Sitcom - The Office
TV Show - The Wire
Place to Work - Hallmark
Blog Topic - Crime
Blog Gadget - Sitemeter
Blog Topic - Obama
Place to get an animal - Craigslist
Charitable donations - Toys for Tots
Place of Worship - Your home
Place to get Shot - Within 3 blocks of Independence Avenue
Place to see fat chicks think they are hot - Ren Fest
Place to see girls with Daddy issues - Hooters
Place to get bit by a stray dog - Central Avenue
Place to see White Gang Bangers - Oak Park Mall
Place to see Inbreeding - The Great Mall