Somebody that reads my stupid worthless blog sent me this picture today after reading my hipster post from yesterday. Isn't she hot (eww).

These chicks can be found here in the metro at the Crossroads District, Westport, Whole Foods, Any coffee house that isn't starbucks, and at used book stores. But most of all they can be found writing blogs in the metro area.

If you see one of these chicks it is important to remain calm and not cause trouble. For some reason these women menstruate 28 days a month (in February you are screwed). Do not make eye contact and whatever you do don't try to figure out what the hell she is wearing.


  1. Hilarious!

    They're prolly all vegans too.

  2. Beads are in as are lots of pearls. I know these

  3. Bogus pic, no ink anywhere or pierced anything. I would say that pic depicts an 18-25ish spoiled So. JOCO pre Fendi bag soccer mom in training. Right now she is in a rebelious phase because Daddy wouldnt spring for the ragtop version of lexus and the suite in Cabo for spring break. While at first glance she appears to be a kc Urbanite, the lack of any permenant body graphics or add ons reveals her to be a west of the state line pretender.

  4. 80s belt, 80s bangles, 80' legwarmers, 80's miniskirt-leggings combo, I can only assume those are stilettos & that there's 2 liquid pounds of hairspray in that do.