Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In a highly scientific study conducted by an outside 3rd party it turns out that people actually gain IQ points when reading this blog. Excluded people from the survey include residents of KCK, KCMO, Independence, West Olathe, and Northern JOCO due to lack of reading skills.

1. In my humble opinion the first lady actually looked kinda good last night. It is too bad that her hatred for America and capitalism ruins it.

2. Obama is one torturing fool.

3. 11 year old killer??

4. When the hell does Obama actually plan on cutting spending and earmarks. I hear him say all of these things and then read just the opposite the next day. Are we not suppose to believe in what Jesus tells us?

5. KCMO School district implements Bitch slapping into its disciplinary techniques.

6. Raytown School District elementary school playgrounds are no joke. Make sure you pack a shank in your kids lunch so that he can survive yard time.

7. KCI is offering some of the lowest rates ever seen. If you live in KCMO or KCK this could be your chance to escape on the cheap before the apocolypse.

8. "American Idol Bloggers"(how lame is that) are trashing a guy because of the death of his wife.

9. Even some Dem leaders are seeing through Obamas attempt to centralize government and take power away from individual states.

10. Megan Fox calls off her engagement. Frankly I could care less BUT now I can post a picture of her on my blog that is topical.