Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you look through the recent history of the Republican Party it isn't hard to see what segment of our population has destroyed our party, the Baby Boomers. Now I am not saying that the whole group of them are to blame, just 90% of them. If you look through congress and state governments it seems that the most liberal of Republicans seem to of grown up during the Hippie Era.

As a party it is time that we kicked these people out of our party and out of our media outlets. I am sick and tired of watching the spineless wimps of our party make nice with the socialist and destroy our own. I am sick and tired of listening to members of our own party move our message to the left therefore making it harder to tell the difference in ideas. SEE JOHN MCCAIN

Next time you hear someone from the Baby Boomer era tearing down their own party ask them to leave it. We don't need or want them anymore.

And the next time any of you call into 980 and speak with Scott Parks please tell him to stop calling himself a Republican. This guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing.