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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you look through the recent history of the Republican Party it isn't hard to see what segment of our population has destroyed our party, the Baby Boomers. Now I am not saying that the whole group of them are to blame, just 90% of them. If you look through congress and state governments it seems that the most liberal of Republicans seem to of grown up during the Hippie Era.

As a party it is time that we kicked these people out of our party and out of our media outlets. I am sick and tired of watching the spineless wimps of our party make nice with the socialist and destroy our own. I am sick and tired of listening to members of our own party move our message to the left therefore making it harder to tell the difference in ideas. SEE JOHN MCCAIN

Next time you hear someone from the Baby Boomer era tearing down their own party ask them to leave it. We don't need or want them anymore.

And the next time any of you call into 980 and speak with Scott Parks please tell him to stop calling himself a Republican. This guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Just what we need, the guy that lost to Bill is coming out attacking a conservative in the defense of McCain't. Bob your time has passed. Your time spent defending our country and serving in office has been an asset to our country. You must however realize that your time has passed. The minute you started doing commercials and having Bill speak at your building at KU you became a liability to the party and the conservative movement.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I will leave the Republican Party.

This man is not the person we need leading us right now or ever. It baffles me that people will simply vote for this guy because he is the most religious. What exactly does being the most religious have to do with leading a country? Sure people should have simple basic religious values that guide them, our country was founded on these principles. Huckabee however would throw away the constitution and replace it with a bible and HIS beliefs.

I am not against religion in fact I am for prayer in school, leaving god in the Pledge, Christmas Trees displayed etc... but this guy is so extreme that he would make the rest of us look bad. He is our Hillary, a polarizing figure that would unite the extremist in the Democratic party (where there is now divide). And what I don't need is this guy or anyone else pushing their religion on me or my family.

Still if it is between him and a Democrat that will raise my taxes, I will vote for Huckabee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I got this in an email today.

Thirty Things that Conservatives Know:

Doug Hagin
Although it may appear to be common knowledge to some – and abhorrent to those on the political Left, it is worth pointing out these thirty points on which the Conservative ideology is based.

1) America was founded upon the principle that we are Created, by a Creator, and our liberties are bestowed upon us by that Creator. It is not necessary to be a believer to be a Conservative, BUT Conservatives do realize that America was founded upon this principle all the same.

2) Conservative realize that the liberties we enjoy come not from any governmental body. The government can protect liberty, as our Constitution states, it cannot, however, grant liberty.

3) Far from relying upon government too grant our freedoms, Conservatives realize government, no matter how liberal tends to erode liberty and restrict freedom.

4) Conservatives realize the money we make is indeed our money. It is earned and belongs to us.

5) Conservatives realize that increasing taxes upon working people curtails our liberties rather than strengthening them.

6) Conservatives realize the government fails us miserably when it attempts to perform duties that are, by nature, the duties of sovereign people. The more we rely on the government, the less self-reliant we become. This path, instead of leading to greater benefits, leads to less liberty.

7) Conservatives realize guns are inanimate objects. They are tools, and their uses for good or evil, depend on the actions of those wielding them.

8) Conservatives realize self-defense is not only our responsibility, but our solemn duty as well.

9) Conservatives love every one of the rights listed in our Constitution. We also grasp that it is the right to keep and bear arms which all the others depend on.

10) Conservatives realize that freedom is not free, it is a gift, a blessing, but one that must be jealously defended.

11) Conservatives realize that our Founders, far from being just a bunch of dead White guys, are owed a debt by every living American. Without them, their intellectual pursuits and the risks they took, we would all be living not in liberty, but in slavery to some form of totalitarian government master.

12) Conservatives realize that it takes parents, not a village to raise children.

13) Conservatives recognize there is absolutely no right not to be offended.

14) Conservatives realize that freedom of speech means we will sometimes hear things we dislike. We also grasp that trying silence our ideological opponents by intimidation (Political Correctness) hurts everyone’s liberty.

15) Conservatives realize that evil cannot be appeased. It must be met, restrained, and defeated.

16) Conservatives realize that Marxism, in all its forms, has failed and will always fail.

17) Conservatives recognize Marxism fails because it seeks to subvert human nature. People desire freedom, and self-reliance, not the false utopia Marxism offers but never delivers.

18) Conservatives realize that actions have consequences.

19) Conservatives believe in individualism over collectivism.

20) Conservatives realize that people are not only able to run their own lives and manage their own affairs, but are far better suited to do so than any governmental body is.

21) Conservatives realize that after conception, unborn babies do not change species, they are always human.

22) Conservatives also grasp that if the unborn were not alive they would not grow.

23) Conservatives realize that the death penalty is a punishment first and foremost it most assuredly deters some from committing murder. Every law deters some from breaking said law, but, sentences are firstly about just punishment.

24) Conservatives realize disarming the law-abiding does nothing to dissuade violent criminals. Rather it serves to aid criminals and severely restricts the most basic human right, the right to self-defense.

25) Conservatives realize the military is for fighting wars and defending our nation. Wars should be fought to win, and to win decisively!

26) Conservatives are wise enough to know that peace is much easier for a nation fully prepared and able to wage war. Nations unable or unwilling to defend themselves will never know peace.

27) Conservatives realize that our border are OUR borders, and this nation ALONE owns the right to guard those borders as we see fit.

28) Conservatives realize that a nation can never be sovereign if it is unwilling or unable to control its borders.

29) Conservatives realize competition is not bad. Instead, it is essential to success at all levels. Life is all about competition.

30) Finally, Conservatives realize that Political Correctness, is a ideology that will, if left unchecked, erode our liberties, and human spirit!


State Sen. Ernie Chambers is suing God. He said on Monday that it is to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits.

  • I would like to see "Allah" sued for September 11th.
  • The sun for global warming.
  • Celine Dion for noise pollution.
  • Santa Clause for animal cruelty.
  • The Tooth Fairy for price gouging.
  • Easter Bunny for promoting the genocide of chickens.
  • Hallmark Cards for the creation of made up holidays in order to sell cards.