Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today...I am declaring war on the poor of America. For far too long the poor have lived off the work of others in this country. They aren't going to use these handouts to improve their life, scheming for handouts is their life. Would you just sit back and let someone steal half the money out of your wallet everyday? Hell no. It's time to fight!

  • It's time for us to tear down Section 8 housing and build new golf courses.
  • It is time to eliminate food stamps, WIK and all other government sponsored "money". If you don't have cash, tough.
  • If you see a bum on the street give his ass a job application after your take his change and dump out his booze.
  • Women on welfare that have more kids need to be thrown in jail.
  • I want a 2 week period in which we can loot government housing for shit that is better than ours. If they have a better TV than you, take that crap. YOU BOUGHT IT!
  • I want tow trucks lined up outside the trailer parks and ghettos to tow each and every vehichle out of the lot. What the hell are you doing with a car when you are eating steak bought by us, living in a house bought by us and watching cable tv, bought by us. Take the bus!
  • If you see a poor person sleeping on the street or napping in their home, WAKE THEIR ASS UP! Why do they get to take naps, screw that.
  • You want college money, GET A FREAKING JOB and earn it.

NO MORE FREE RIDE! Its time to make it hard on these folks or else they will never get off their ass's. If they want to redistribute something, how about the stress, pain & fatigue that those of us that are productive take home with us everyday after work.