Thursday, April 16, 2009


As I listen to Mike Shannon and Scott Parks go on hour two of tea party discussions I have to ask myself, self, why are they discussing this? They weren't in favor of them, Scott Parks has made every effort to discredit these events and Mike Shannon is clueless. YET they have no problem profiting off of them.

These so called Republicans are doing everything in their power to tear apart the new conservative movement because they can't come up with show ideas of their own. These guys are to worried about their face book page and T-Shirt and Coffee mug giveaways to understand the real issues that people care about.

1. Why do all liberals that work for the government look like Peppermint Patty or a TV drag queen? The chick that has called us terrorist is no exception.

2. If you ask a liberal they will tell you that the reason Jesus was left out of Obamas speech was because he was the one giving the speech.

3. Mexican Drug Wars Kick Ass.

4. John Madden will no longer state the obvious to viewers on Sunday Nights.

5. It seems that the Y2k wackos have found a new cause to freak out about.

6. Video Games once again blamed for the death of a child. Never mind the parents that couldn't see that their kid was constructing a plastic parachute and then opened up then jumped out of a 13 story building.

7. New Yorks psychotic governor introduces a Gay Marriage Bill.........Not that there is anything wrong with that.

8. The man that caused these two chicks to throwdown has some pretty sick taste. One is a 15 year old girl and the other is a chick stuck in a wheelchair. Well the chick in the wheel chair went road warrior and stabbed the teen to death. The Lesson to this story is to never trust people in wheel chairs.
9. Jamie Foxx might learn that it is not smart to mess with people from Appalachia.

10. Hulk Hogans wife needs to rid her house of knives ASAP.