Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have been trying to install my IP scrambler all day but I have been getting interrupted by people emailing me about the media douche bags in our city. Lets look at the facts here folks, these elitist are hacks that couldn't make it in a major market. Instead they are running campaigns, writing ediotrials and copying conservative talk radio in the little market that KC is.

Would you listen to a diagnosis given to you by a Doctor that finished last in his class? Hell no, then why would you listen to these idiots?

This edition is shortened due to Tea Party obligations

1. If you think that tax revenue fell in Q4 just wait for the first quarter results from Obamas budget.

2. It is truly sad when the white flag waving French think that your president is a wimp.

3. Coroners were not able to determine anything from Marilyn Chambers autopsy. Rumors of her gagging to death might live on forever.

4. Winnie the Pooh is braver than Obama.

5. Santeli will forever be remembered as the father of the 2009 revolution.

6. A woman that couldn't keep her own husband in line has put together a plan on fighting Pirates?

7. Obama doesn't beleive that succesful people work hard.......