Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Tea Party that went down at the JCCC last night was incredible. If you did not have a good excuse for not attending you should be ashamed of your unpatriotic ass's. Some observations from last night both good and bad.

  • It was nice to not hear the word "Republican" at this event. Until these bastards get on board they are they will remain the right wing of the Dem party.
  • Unfortunately there were the "Don't Tread on Me" flags and a few people dressed up in costumes from the 1700's. I would like to think that we had move beyond that, guess not.
  • 980 KMBZ and Darla Jaye did a great job. That was one of the craziest remotes I have ever seen and the show seemed to not miss a beat.
  • For those of you that don't believe that the conservative movement is inclusive of all people I saw the unthinkable, a man with a mullet standing next to a man in a three piece suit. Obviously this was WYCO and JOCO coming together for the greater good.
  • Conservative chicks are better looking that liberals.
  • Instead of burning flag, hanging our president, enciting riots, throwing balloons of urine and making threats to our country (see liberals). this thing was pretty peaceful. I don't even think I heard anyone cussing, besides me.
  • This signs were there were creative as hell. My favorite was the little girl with the ATM cut out.
  • Neil Larrimore worked his ass off at this event
  • Dennis Moore doesn't stand a chance in the next election. Cya banjo strummer.
  • The two best interviews of the night. The Staff Sargent that lost his leg and Angelo Mino from Ecuador. Truly inspirational.