Wow Hollywood really blew it this time. First off they replace a cool little monkey with a stupid pig. Second it takes place in Mexico instead of small town USA. Whoever wrote the script this Outbreak sequel is a hack.

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  1. One goal in going snarky other than political satire is simple. I merely want to increase comments from voters and non-voters, regardless of party affilation to better understand the consensus and expectations of Kansans. As well as sincerely listening to waht we can do better politically.

    I will be doing a slow transformation to being less snarky to downright serious as we progress closer to the 2010 election cycle.

    Unlike most politicans, I want to communicate better including blogging with those whom I want to represent setting aside my own beliefs favoring to aarriving at what the consensus wants, that is practical. Not idealistic.

    There are several ways to communicate. Here, New Style Kansas Politics, or to me personally at

    I promise in that communication to listen and not judge what you find is important to you. The top level goal is arriving at practical solutions that will make a host of political issues impacting all of us better.

    Humbly yours, Scherer as your candidate for US Congress.