Sunday, April 05, 2009


You just KNEW that something big was going to go down this weekend. Things have been to quiet around here. That is until the weather changes of course. You see it is hard to get at your targets when they are inside avoiding the cold and flu season BUT once that weather changes people are outside and easy to get. Remember to thank your city leaders, community activists and tulip bulbs for stepping up their efforts.

1. The East Side steps up to the plate this weekend by dropping 5 and killing 1. Stay Crappy KCMO.

2. KCK ramps up its efforts with a nice drive by shooting that hit 5 people.

3. If you were an Independence cop wouldn't you assume that everyone was guilty of something?
4. A standoff with police seems pretty tame compared to the rest of the crap that went down this weekend. Congrats Shawnee!

5. South KC gets in on the fun with a shooting of their own.

6. Blue Springs is starting to feel the effects of being too close to KCMO. Carjackings are so unoriginal.

7. Floater found in toilet creek

8. What a pathetic crook!