Monday, April 20, 2009


Gangs bangers wear panchos? One would have to assume so after reading THE WIRE today. We got shootings, ho smacking, stabbings and found bodies. If you are reading this from your home congratulations, you made it through another weekend. If you are reading this from the hospital then learn to duck.

1. There is no such thing as a natural death in KCMO so don't fall for the attempt at stat cooking.

2. KCK's Argentine district joins in on the fun.

3. How does a conversation go after you get shot in KCMO "Hey do you want me to call the ambo or should we just check ourselves in?" Good lord. Note: If I get shot I want my ass life flighted, screw the ambulance and driving myself.

4. Kansas City was once known for its beautiful blvds. Now we know them as killing fields.

5. The violence in this college town is out of control. There were more stabbings in Lawrence this weekend than K State
victories in Hoops in the past 20 years(in Lawrence).

East Side religious leader reaches back and smacks a Ho. Even the Pastors in the inside are freaking gangsters.