Friday, May 15, 2009


This guy might have the hardest blog to write due to the lameness of our city. However just like his website he steps up and drops a nice review.

Let’s be honest; there isn’t a whole lot going on in KC this weekend. With that said, for your reading pleasure, I present my latest Mexican restaurant review:

The KC area is full of Mexican joints; I am not talking about the stuff you smoke. That is a different column altogether. In all seriousness, there are many great places to eat in KC. Whether you are into authentic Mexican or the ubiquitous Tex-Mex, KC has it all. This week I had the pleasure of visiting Fronteras in SOJOCO. They have couple of locations in JOCO. The one my wife and I visited is in the Deer Creek strip mall. When we arrived, I had reservations about trying out new Mexican place. In fact, I contemplated driving down the road to Jose Peppers, another Mexican joint that always delivers fantastic Tex-Mex cuisine. With so many choices, why risk eating something you may regret later? After my hungry wife prodded me into trying it out, we entered the unassuming establishment only to discover a modern looking restaurant with soaring ceilings and minimalist décor. Imagine, a Mexican restaurant without the hokey Mexican horns and blankets most places feature! Now, back to the food; I ordered a “Chunky Burrito” that was stuffed with large chunks of perfectly seasoned pork and ground beef. It had the perfect blend of rice and beans. It was simply terrific. My wife ordered the chicken enchiladas, which were equally as tasty. The rojo sauce was perfecto and the chicken was magnificent. Wondering about the chips and salsa? They are on par with the best of what KC has to offer. I strongly suggest you check out Fronteras Mexican Restaurant and let me know what you think! Casual attire and moderate prices.