Friday, May 08, 2009


It appears that Mr. Mino is under attack by a KC blogger that happens to be Hispanic. I will keep this short and sweet because I personally believe that bloggers arguing with other bloggers is pretty worthless.

I dont understand how someone born and raised in the United States can call out an Immigrant from Ecuador from being a sellout. Thats like me calling out someone born in Ireland a sellout because they don't fight for the IRA . Honestly the fact that Mr. Mino is Latino has nothing to do with why I have him post here. I like the story of immigrants coming to this country and actually loving it an nobody had a problem last week when he wasnt discussing the topic of immigration, a topic he is actually familiar wiht and gone through. Others that want to make this an issue can't say the same now can they?

So what if Mr. Mino doesn't belong to the proper latino groups and carry the same latino aproved message. Do we all have to fit into certain race and special interest groups in order to be taken seriously? Give me a break. If that were true this blog would be full of social conservative messages in order for me to 'fit in" to the white conservative groups of the state and country.

I am not sure that Mr. Mino was aware that he had to run his posts throught the Latino Bloggers commisson in charge of "keeping it real"

I guess that hit counts are more important than people to some.

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