Thursday, May 07, 2009


Angelo is back this week with yet another excellent contribution to this blog and the new conservative movement.


Dear American Brothers and Sisters: Thanks for the warm w
elcome after my first contribution to this blog. Thanks for the inspirational e-mails and comments, and thanks also to the ones that disagreed…This is what freedom of speech is about! Thank you! Thank you for reminding me that I am not in Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba o Ecuador. Here in USA. I can express my self and you too. Some of you were asking me to put a summary of my JOCO Tax Day Tea Party speech, and for those asking me about what is coming after the tea parties, you will find an idea on my next week contribution on how to show to Washington our concerns, and how we can be assertive and respectful at the same time.

President Obama on his last week Town Hall visit in Missouri invited us (To the guys and gals with the funny tea bags) to have a conversation, we can not go to DC but we can send our clear message to him. The National Tea Party accepted the invitation and we must support them. They are not alone; they have a bunch of American Patriots whom pledged devotion and allegiance to our country.

There is a small saying in my home town Ecuador: If I advance: follow me. If I stop: push me, but if I retreat …Kill me! Writing this small contribution to the blog I feel like Nathan Hale one of our early heroes; I do strongly regret of having only one live to offer to my country.

Here is a summary of the speech “History Class to Nancy Pelosi”. By a Legal Immigrant and Proud Naturalized American Citizen”.

Mrs. Pelosi; allow me to remind you that U.S.A. stands for United States of American and I want to be very clear that you will understand U.S.A. DOES NOT stand for United Socialist of America. Mrs. Pelosi; My Country’s flag is the Red, White and Blue and we will never recognize the RED flag of the socialism as part of our past , current and future of our heroic history. Mrs. Pelosi: With your “Windfall Taxes on retirement Income plans, including 401K, mutual Funds and more” (this is the second condition for transition to communist or socialist model according to Marx’ Manifesto) you are penalizing people like me for doing the things legally. I went through a long and hard immigration process after entering legally to USA, advancing to gain my employment authorization, permanent resident card and after a mandated 3 to 5 years waiting period to applied and gain my Citizenship, but now you are telling us that “We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country whom need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities” (this follows under the 3rd condition of Marx’s or Communist Manifesto) you want to tax our saving and use the money from our retirement to support them!

Mrs. Pelosi: You are penalizing my self, my daughters and granddaughters for having a dream to be successful in life by going to college and practicing self development and self leadership as a part of our family values and principles, they should stop their education, they should not advance in their career , no need for morals and values, specially when you say: “Stock market windfall profit taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people(the illegal and uneducated) the standards of living they would like to have as “Americans”. Mrs. Pelosi: I must call my friends and relatives attending to school, and let them know that we no longer need to improve ourselves because you will take care of us, because you told us that: “We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, in our country and limiting the amount the rich can invest” (It’s sound like one of the 8th step though by Karl Marx on his 10 steps to move to a socialist or communist model)

After my Oath ceremony as new American Citizen I did receive from the hands of a sweet lady member of the DAR my first ever, my own American flag, and she put me charged in a very assertive tone of voice she told me to “always, respect, love and venerate this flag, and she advised me that if my country called me to serve, I must answer her call with patriotism and loyalty to this flag. “Welcome to America” were her last words. That is why I am here today to thanks my American brothers and sisters for sharing with me the pride of calling my self an American Citizen and thanks for allow me to fight with them for a just cause, the protection of our old principles and values that the founders of this country pass onto us as the most sublime patriotic legacy that a person can receive.

God Bless America. “The Order of the purple hearts is coming” be prepare…is coming for sure! Come back next week and find out more information about this new patriotic endeavor.

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