Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Miss me? Probably not. While I was gone it seems that our socialist friend Claire got used and thrown to the side by Obama. It is kinda funny that she actually thought that Obama was going to put her on the supreme court. Face it Claire, you are an Obama whore whose payoff is going to be through his campaign fundraisers for you. And they say Pimping aint easy.......

1. Russian girl turns house pet.

2. Pink dolphin proves that contaminating waterways can be fun.

3. Our extremely butch head of homeland security barks at Canada.

4. PROBLEM SOLVED! White roofs will end global warming. That Obama guy has all the freaking answers.

5. I don't think that the NAACP has been notified yet that we elected a black president.

6. When will people learn that the world is safer with the mafia then without?

7. We have become a paranoid society. Why in the hell would we EVER think to prepare for a solar storm? Is this really a major concern right now? The douche bag that thought that NOW would be a good time to bring this up needs to canned.

8. Mike Tysons 4 year old daughter dies on treadmill.

9. Biden knows that Obama is a dumbass

10. Obamas Supreme Court choice is a racist. Big surprise right?