Summer time crime is always the best. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, take your laptop out to your front porch and thank god that you dont live in KCK or KCMO.

1. This story doesn't make the Mission Police department look all that good.

2. Turns out the dude that got shot on Belmont Tuesday night was a gang murder. There is no way that I woulda guessed that......

3. KCK woman arrested after finding her man carved up like a pumpkin.

4. It is no longer safe to leave anything outside in Lee's Summit.

5. 15th, 9th, Cypress and Van Brundt. 4 streets that people from the burbs will never see. Yet another shooting.

6. How could he hear them say stop? Perv in Olathe Library.

7. 20 years after it MIGHT have made a difference: Independence is asking for a gang unit.

8. Missouri never stopped being a slave state.........

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