Thursday, May 28, 2009


You have to admire the amount of damage theses bastards have done in such a short time period. Hundreds of years of work and blood to develop and protect our way of life all but destroyed in less than 5 months. Will he take the 7th month to rest?

1. Socialist look to stamp out small Christian groups studying the bible at home. So much for freedom of religion....That is unless you are muslim.

2. Pelosi is setting the stage for more government intrusion in your private life.

3. The emperor is using our tax dollars to spread socialist ideals across our country.

4. The blindness in which the socialist party follows the emperor is frightening. These people will say and do anything for power.

5. The government of the socialist party will now own 69% of GM.

6. The Press have stopped doing there job and continue to be nothing more than the propaganda machine for the leader of our government. Be Scared.
"The biggest heart in the world"??