Thursday, May 21, 2009


When paid columnist open up a blogger account it should be considerred a sign of defeat. Just do me a favor douche bag and try not to tarnish the good name of JOCO with your "blog. We don't need nerdy white dudes in bicycle shorts discussing their freaking pet cats. Take that crap to Starbucks and share it with other like minded douchebags.

Think about it. The crap that you get paid to write sucks so the stuff you write about for free has got to be complete garbage.

1. Maybe this will wake Obama up to the fact that our country is still at risk everyday. Probably not, but we can hope.

2. The closing of Gitmo is nothing more than another example of symoblism over substance. I say we put these bastards in Chicago.

3. This is a story about Bikini girl from American Idol. Nuf said.

4. Be proud America! Our astronauts drink their own piss. I guees springing for bottled water for these bastards wasn't in the Gazillion dollar Obama budget.

5. Socialist party circle their wagons to protect Pelosi from the truth.

6. 9 year old Cali kid watches as his parents get butchered in their own home.

7. The Emperor is showing some weakness after 100 + days of runing our country.

8. Government owns half of girls virginity.

9. Time Magazine puts Obama on cover for the 17th freaking time. I am not sure that Oprah has been on the cover of her own magazine as many times.

10. Its funny that a liberal news outlet like CNN would run a story regarding the paying off of personal debt........