Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here is this weeks installment from Angelo. Enjoy, JOCOSOB

WOW, 3 weeks later, and after only 2 contributions, some people want to kick me out of MY country… isn’t it great! Please be sure to thank the God of your choice because you are in USA and for the freedom of speech that we enjoy!

My father used to tell me “The best way to measure how good you are doing or going in life is not by the number of followers and friends but by the number of invidious enemies and the number of people opposing to your thoughts without facts and knowledge”
I am not wasting my time and ideas responding to the individual that started the wave, as a gentleman I did send him and invitation to talk, he knows my numbers and where I can be find. My requirement is: Face to face my dear friend, face to face is my technique.
I believe in second chances, so here it goes: Tony can you give me a ride to the BCIS office (INS). I will turn my self in with “La Migra” and make you happy and by the way you can keep my bow tie too…. What do you think Antonio B.?

Know let’s go back to business:
How to understand and what it takes to be a conservative? Things I learn from the great communicator Ronal Reagan and other leaders:

The shortest definition of a conservative American came from President T.D Roosevelt “The ability and right of the American People to rule themselves, to govern themselves, and to control themselves” today we call this Individual responsibility! Do not wait for the government to give you everything, you can do it, you can build it or you can destroy it!

According with Ronald Reagan the great communicator “Our allegiance and love of the Republic is one of the fundamental values of an American but especially to a conservative republican”. To put it in my humble point of view, what it means is: because we have forgotten this basic principle, (loyalty to our country) is what have gotten in trouble; if you no longer remember the foundation that nurtured our country’s beginnings you will never be able to project our country to a better future.

The Constitution: The Sublime and Supreme Law of the Land is giving us the best and more exact definition of what a conservative means. The Constitution believes that American people have the RIGHT to rule themselves, govern themselves and to control themselves. And to me this is the “American Manifesto”, as Americans we do not need to look for a socialist or communist manifesto in other lands. Are we clear? Are you with me? Are you following me? We must follow what our Constitution dictates because it is the blueprint where the SACRED RIGHTS of each person are preserved, protected and defined. The sacred rights are there, and cover the poorest or the richest without distinctions or discrimination.

As a conservative American and with this coming statement I want to invite the democrats to practice this and join us to look for the well of our country. Conservatives we do practice and we do believe in a FAIR play, I always remember this when I am engaged in any type of debate, or controversy, but be advised that fair play does not mean avoiding a good political fight for a just and right cause, conservatives we are attentive and we do respond when the basic principles and values of our founders are disobeyed or avoided.

The first fight that we take on our shoulder is: WE want limited government, we are clear that the government is here to govern, and to enact laws always by what it is granted by power of the Constitution.
We are against the government bringing “government solutions” to our personal or State problems. Here I will like to mention one of our heroes of El Alamo, Senator Crocket’s decision to reach his pocket and offered to pay the expenses to support the widows and orphans from the war, and he invited the other senators to do the same, to support a just and patriotic local cause. Crocket message was “If any government with power to give us everything that we want. Would also have the power the take away everything that we have” (Thomas Jefferson).
Here I will also like to mention the “Enterprise Zones” Experiment from Ronald Reagan, inviting local entrepreneurs to open their business in areas taken by poverty, He will offer huge TAX INCENTIVES just for locating their business is these poor areas, this experiment will bring employment, training, better education, new certifications, more commerce and a positive impact on the development of poor areas. Did you get it! Local people taking care of local probems with local resources.

Conservatives strongly support cutting back taxes, actually we want tax incentives, abolish programs that generated only expenses (Do you remember the DNA study of a certain type of Bear, or the bridge to nowhere), we need a gradual and realistic increment of our independence to do business, we do not want to be dependant of the government, “we do not want distribution of capital or resources” we want to make money, and yes gain wealth and be able to keep it to invest back into our community by stimulating more or new business.

Our point of view with religion is that we do recognize and respect that the Constitution was designed from the principles of the Holy Bible and the USA was founded under strong Christian beliefs, we are religious people and we are not scare or afraid to mention the Holy name of GOD. Ronald Reagan was a craftsman working to be sure that our principles were forged by Christian believes.

Now the important definition of a conservative is that special love for the USA, I am not telling you that the others do not love our country, they just do it in different manner and intensity.
Let’s close this review by saying that we still believing that The Constitution and the love for our country are the best tools to keep all American together are the best protective devise that we have against the enemies of our country, and should be the inspiration that keep us moving as American Daily Patriots.

Now it is up to you pick if you want to be a social conservative or a fiscal conservative (or both) but remind to yourself our strong landmarks as a American Conservatives, adopt one of all factions of conservative republicans, look for the one that will benefit our country better, be strong with our social conservative policies (Christianity as the foundation for our decisions), if you want to be a neoconservative like me you must fight for lower taxes, local stimulation of the economy and we do not demand or support welfare programs.

I personally can not be a “paleoconservative” they do not support immigration to USA and I do support having our troops where is needed to protect the integrity of our country. This type of conservatives does not like to have our troops in foreign countries, regardless of the situation.
A fiscal conservative focus in money and government size, smaller governments and reduction of unnecessary expenses, some of them believe on Social Security privatization.
Our traditional conservatives love to keep the American traditions, to preserve for future generations de roots of our identity.

Make the right because our Country may need you tomorrow.

See you next week…Hasta la vista!