Happy Birthday Old Glory! Happy Birthday to You!

Just for fun during the pass week, I decided to ask to several people about June 14th and what it means to them; from a total of 34 “born American friends” only 3 provided me with a correct answer and meaning for that date. June 14 is American Flag Day!

I am so glad and thankful that as part of my naturalization (citizenship) process I have to studied and pass a 100 questions test about American history, civics, government and more. It was great to understand all the hard times this country went trough to provided freedom to people like me.

If you will read again some parts of our country’s History I promise you, the love for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave will emerged again and again. I truly believe two books should always be part of our entire households; The Holy Bible and a good book of American History.

Just some facts about June 14:

1. - It was teacher that started the celebration of Flag Day, in 1885 Mr. BJ Cigrand in the little town of Fredonia, Wisconsin. He wanted his students to remember that June 14, 1885 was the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes. Do you know that some School Districts in USA are planning to take the USA flag down from their classrooms because it is “offensive” for the Muslims children attending school in our Country? Do you know that some companies do not allow or do request to their employees to take the American Flag down from their cubicles or offices because it is offensive for some people? Do you know that the City of Lenexa did not allow Perkins to fly the Big Flag in the City because for the Lenexa Governing Body the USA Flag is at the same level of any Commercial Banner?

2. - Here it goes again (Thanks God for teachers). It was a Kindergarten teacher in June 14, 1889. Mr. George Balch (New York) whom planned “appropriate ceremonies” for the children attending his school to honor the Beautiful Old Glory. Great old days when Americans were so proud and respectful of our flag. Great old days when Americans will feel honored to serve and even gave their lives to stand under and to protect that flag. The New York Board of Education adopted June 14, as a Flag Day following the example from this amazing and patriotic teacher.

3.- June 14, 1891 at the small Betsy Ross’ house in Philadelphia a group of historian and patriots decided to formally paid tribute and honor our Flag by having a vibrant Flag Day celebration, the following year the NY Society of Sons of the Revolution did the same where pomp and circumstance was the theme of the day. Kids were assembled each of them carrying a small American Flag and singing patriotic songs, the Military bands will play marches and people were not afraid to have tears running on their faces. Tears of pride and joy!

4.-This one I like the Most! : April 25, 1893 The Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Dames adopted a resolution and asked the Mayor, area authorities and to ALL PRIVATE CITIZENS to display the American Flag on June 14, it was simple as: “Show me your pride, Show me the Starts and Stripes”

Now at this point would you allow to this Guy Born in Ecuador But Made in America to challenge you?: Are you brave enough to display the American Flag this weekend at your home? Are you brave enough to knock your neighbor’s doors and ask them to do the same? If you do, please send pictures of your display to this blog , and jocosob will be glad to put them on.

5.- May 30th 1916 President Woodrow Wilson officially established by Proclamation the Celebration of Flag Day as a way to honor all the little towns, teachers, children and all private citizens that for the past decades were celebrating the birth of our Old Glory , each year at the same day of the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777.

6. - Finally President Harry S. Truman a soldier, statesman, Freemason but more important a Proud American Leader signed the Act of Congress designating June 14th NATIONAL FLAG DAY.

Let me close this article by repeating what Frank K. Lane Secretary of the Interior said on his speech in 1914, as he was drinking a cup of coffee early in the morning and preparing his notes, he swears that the flag spoke on his heart : “I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself”. My dear American brothers and sisters you are the Flag! You are America! Do not be afraid to show who you are, lets’ display with love and respect our Old Glory, do not be afraid, please do not be afraid! Let’s do it!

Angelo H. Mino

Born in Ecuador Made in America!

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  1. Comment from a reader without a google account.

    This article you have written is very refreshing. It should open a lot of eyes to realize what is happening in America. America was built on a strong foundation and the American Flag is a big part of that foundation, which is slowly disappearing. The American Flag is one of the most beautiful symbols of our country.

    This is America, Old Glory is our flag, and if some people are offended by it they are living in the wrong country.

    When I went to school in the morning the first thing we would hear was the National Anthem being played, you could hear the music even in the parking lot. You immediately stopped whatever you were doing and placed your hand on your heart, and sang the National Anthem which such pride. There was nothing more important at that moment. There wasn’t anything that could have started your day any better; you were showing your respect for the flag, thanking Old Glory for all she stands for.

    We have one of the most beautiful flags in the world, fly your American Flag this Sunday and one way to show your love for your country and how much she means to you.