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Back in the mid 80's there was a rapper that called himself the Arabian Prince. The dude only had two songs that were any good so you MIGHT not of heard of him. Anyways one the songs "Panic Zone" is a very fitting song for "The Wire" today.

1. Hispanic robbers are at least passionate. Just ask this lady who got a kiss from the criminal that just jacked yet another Hispanic Market. Blind, deaf & dumb people have yet to make the connection to the Mexican Mafia. That is why you have me.

2. Luck #13 for 7-11 on Wornall.

3. Public intoxication enough to commit suicide? You Wyco bastards are crazy!

4. When its a little muggy outside it is a good idea to take your stabbings indoors. Good thinking KCK.

5. Isn't it good sportsmanship to shake hands before a fight? They got this story all wrong.

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