Saturday, July 25, 2009


Are OBAMA and The Democratic Party using the Immigration Reform as a “re-election tool? BET!
The FINAL REVIEW is coming soon

My dear friends we are back with our reviews of the Immigration Challenges that our country faces every day when thousands of illegal workers cross the border looking for the American dream. I started this review so early before even the congress will start the reading the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act because it is important for us to know what is coming , it is better to forecast challenges and be ready to fight against or in favor. That decision is yours please go back to my last articles and review what social, and safety risk can bring to our country the NEW amnesty and the idea of President Obama to allow this entire people to become USA Citizens. Once again I am not against the reform I just want to be sure that the final output of that process won’t bring a negative impact to our nation.
Once before; I was talking with a community leader from other State and he was very upset with me because as part of our conversation I told him “If one day the United States of America will fall and the Union separated, won’t be because political division, won’t be because the terrorist plans or international armed conflicts, won’t be because a natural disaster. It will be because the Immigration Problem” Nothing will divide us more that a wrong Immigration reform or process.
We are placing or giving important post within the American Government to people that preach against our country, people that disagree with our system, and people that have no pride to be an American Citizen. Let’s review the facts:
Hilary Clinton: She appointed Yzaguirre as co chair of her presidential campaign, and as her senior advisor on how to reach the Hispanic vote. We are talking the same person that strongly fights against the assimilation of Hispanics into the American system and he does support illegal immigration.
President Obama: Appointed Mrs. Cecilia Munoz currently serving as Vice-President of La Raza, and at the same time she is the Director of President Obama’s Office of International Affairs.
And the following person whom once said: “ I want the third, fourth, fifth even the seven generation and all future generation of Hispanics to think “Mexico First” that guy is Juan Hernandez whom was appointed by Senator McCain as a Hispanic outreach Director, now he is walking and visiting President Obama as a consultant for the new Immigration Reform.
My dear friends lets listen and think what the Mexican President (Ernesto Zedillo) is telling his citizens “I have proudly affirm that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders, and the Mexican migrants legal or illegal are a very important factor and part of this statement” Now to me it sounds like an “undercover” invasion of Mexico to USA. Starting in 1990 the Mexican government has started hundreds of plans or initiatives to “import” the Mexican culture into our country they even announced in 1995 (this I am quoting from the book Liberty and Tyranny) “ The Mexican nation extends it borders into the USA. Accordingly, the government would strengthen solidarity programs with the Mexican community abroad by emphasizing their Mexican roots, and supporting literacy programs in Spanish and teaching of the Mexican history values and more important traditions of Mexico”
I am leaving you today with one more thing to think about it: Zogby International a well know company for their well done, full extended surveys, professional and ethical analysis reported the results of a survey done in 2002-2003 where the 58% of Mexicans in American territory agree with the following statement “The territory of the United States’ southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico”.
Now it is up to you! You can be indifferent to the new Immigration Reform or start talking and giving the proper advice to your Representatives and Senators.

See you next week

Angelo H. Mino