Saturday, July 11, 2009


Are OBAMA and The Democratic Party using the Immigration Reform as a “re-election tool? BET! Second Part The FACTS!

Here it goes…as I promised you on my last article. Let’s review some facts so we can clarify some misconceptions about Immigration and Immigrants:

Fact One: All or the majority of Latino or Hispanics are democrats! WRONG! On the last Presidential elections 60% of the Cuban American supported McCain in all states where the Cuban and Caribbean immigrants is dominant. Locally in the states of Kansas and Missouri 70% of Latinos supported and voted for McCain including my self! Actually according with the Pew Hispanic Center’s Magazine on 12-09-07 after a long interpretation of the surveys’ data and interview with future adult Latino voters they (P. Taylor and R. Fry) found that 41% of the new adult Latino voters said ”there is no difference between or they do not understand the difference between the two parties”. The Problem with some Latinos is that they pick America as “life saver” destination to escape socialist or lefty government and they get confused between the words “democracy” and “democrat” you may said it is lost in translation challenge. They brought bad experience from their countries they don’t want and they are scare of dictators, communist or socialist officials, they lost family members and friends with their country’s civil wars, guerrillas movements etc, and the word “democrat:” for them is to close to democracy. (This is my own opinion).

Fact Two: Latinos and Hispanic leaders and citizens always support Immigrations reforms: WRONG:I will use a extract from the book Liberty and Tyranny (Mark R Levin) and other resources to review this fact: In 1960 Cesar Chavez a Hispanic Labor Leader, Union Icon and Founder of the UFW (United Farm Workers) Union, He did show a strong opposition of illegal immigration, he will argue that Illegal workers will undermine his efforts to unionize farm workers. The working conditions and wages for American Citizens and Legal workers will be in risk because the illegal worker takes whatever is there as He can have a job. Mr. Cesar Chavez requested to all members of the unions to turn illegal workers with the INS (Immigration) the UFW became the best resource of immigration to identify and catch illegal workers, the UFW was the best “organized” whistle blower system for the INS. The historical march of 1969 Cesar Chavez and other organizations such us: SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and with the support of the Honorable Senator Mondale they marched along the border with Mexico to express their discontent with all farmers hiring illegal workers and even seasonal immigrant workers. (One day I will bring some facts about the “Bracero” program) This program is the root of the current H2B-H2A Temporary or Seasonal Visas Programs.

Fact Three: Immigration can not affect the results of general and Presidential Elections. WRONG, very wrong! The Unions are having a big problem with their membership, they see a big decline of the numbers and income for new membership, that is why they are focusing on helping and support the passing of immigration amnesty or reforms, after gaining legal status the immigrant workforce can join the Unions, immigration is the newest resource for political powers to the unions, once again from Levin’s books whom quote Samuel Lubell when he said This new voting machine ended the traditional Republican and Conservative thought process of our nation. The last election’s results (national percentage) show that 67% of the Latino voters voted for the New President. ” The voting age children of the first great migration constituted the big city masses furnishing the votes which RE-ELECT F.D. Roosevelt again and again”.What it means is that this election’s output is one more time the result of immigration reform the 1986 IRCA Act that granted one-time amnesty to 3 million of illegal workers. The democrats will support the new Immigration Reform to secure the re-lection and who knows the continuity in the power of President Obama and/or their Party, just like the socialists Chavez-Venezuela, Correa-Ecuador , Lula–Brazil, Morales-Bolivia, the new socialist leaders do not want and they do not allow the power to away. Did you listening carefully what President Obama said about Russia “Our soon to be Partner”? Are you scare, concern and confuse? My advice: follow this new Reform very close.

On my next contribution to this BLOG we will review some names: Who are Cecilia Munoz and Juan Hernandez? And who said “US English is to Hispanics as the KKK is to blacks” (quote)?, and Who and How is planning the “reconquista of the southwest United States? (Re—conquest = reconquista)

Angelo H Mino