Saturday, July 18, 2009


Just wanted to address a few things before I put up Angelos weekend post and take the rest of the weekend off from blogging.

1. I have been talking with some creative dudes from NYC that dig the blog. Out of these conversations have come some pretty good ideas that I plan on implementing this week. So you can be expecting more scheduled content and some other stuff that you are going to like.

2. twitter is crazy. If you aren't on it you need to be. I tried it out awhile back
and gave up too soon. This time I told myself that I would give it 30 days and it only took me 10 to see its value. If you expect to login and simply do nothing and hope fore results then it isnt for you.

3. Got a private msg on twitter from a dude( that will remain nameles
s) upset that I slammed his new album (alot). This Brooklyn rapper didn't even sell 20k in his opening week. Dude really?

4. I have pure disgust for the socialist movement in this country an
d the destruction that it has caused. How do these dumb ass's in congress get elected?

5. HALF. If you live in some cities in this country that is all that you will be able to keep from your paychecks.

6. I am amazed at the amount of WT that is out here in SOJOCO. Proof that money doen't make good parents.

7. I think the local tributes to Michael Jackson have become a joke now
that local casinos are doing them 2 weeks after the fact.

8. Why are you idiots still out there wearing shorts & flip flops when you are riding your motorcycle? Thats like jumping out of a plane with no chute. Get off the rode so that my motorcycle insurance doesnt go up.

9. KC stinks. If you ride a motorcycle you know what I am talking about.