Saturday, July 18, 2009


My Dear American Brother and Sisters: Please allow me to dedicate this article to the Memory of my Father in Law Mr. Humberto Vega Avila. He was a fine gentleman a loved father and grandfather and a trusty person to pick as a friend. He was an Old Fashion Knight with a soft golden armor of love and passion for his children. Until then my dear “Abueli” until then, please rest in peace

Are OBAMA and The Democratic Party using the Immigration Reform as a “re-election tool? BET!

The FINAL REVIEW is coming soon

To give a massive total amnesty and making to all the undocumented worker American citizens can generate some “collateral damage” to our country and society.

We need the worker that is a fact, industries such us the landscaping, roofing, hospitality, and others need from these individuals to be there to provide the necessary service and stay in business. They will benefit by receiving the legal status as well all the industries where they like to work. The only think about the citizenship is that the new immigrants, they did nothing to learn to speak our language and they do not care about our culture and they do not recognize or respect our system, and the reasons for doing that are simple:

The level of education: Most of the Mexican and illegal workers are farmers without or with a minimum of education most of then even unable to read and write in their Spanish language.

Regional concentration: By tradition they will look for cities or states where they can find more folks from their own country, with this there is no reason or need to learn the language, they can find stores and services where there is no need to speak English.

Government regulations: Government facilities and business MUST have document in Spanish and English, our new immigrant can find all the information on their native language, why should they learn the “gringo’s talk”?

With all the above mentioned “we” the Latinos or Hispanic are creating a permanent risk or a strong threat to divide this country in to two different cultures, people and languages. Talking about traditions: Do you realize that we DO NOT longer celebrate USA Flag Day but WE DO CELEBRATE Cinco de Mayo and other Hispanic festivities. I will take you to lunch if you will mention ONE country in the World where their citizens will celebrate 4 of July, as you celebrate Cinco de Mayo o El Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day). The answer in NONE there is NO ONE!

Raul Yzaguirre”s Factor:, a former President and CEO of an Hispanic Organization call the National Council of la Raza is the one that said “U.S. English is to Hispanic as the KKK is to blacks” and Do you know that AMERICAN Foundations and organization are the mayor contributor of donations to this group that tireless and aggressively works against the assimilation of Legal and illegal Hispanic into the American Society? This people call America a Racist Nation; push for favoritism in the workplace, education and business only because one factor: racial and ethnic identity. It means if you have better education then myself…sorry I am Latino I must get the job! I must get the government contract! I must have priority to attend college and get less expensive tuition. They strongly support amnesty and U.S. citizenship to Illegal immigrants. They do support also the DREAM Act that is designed to allow illegal students to attend school as In-state resident’s tuition.

La Raza is requesting that all the States MUST issued drivers licenses for illegal worker, they want from the illegal to have the right to vote. Do you know that the “Mexican ID” (La Matricula Consular) now is a legal document in USA to open bank accounts and to perform other transaction? But my Lenexa PD Volunteer Police ID it is not recognize or valid as Identification Card at the same bank!

And the last incredible think: La Raza opposes (with the support of several Democrats Senators and Representatives) the CLEAR Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act, If passing this Act will allow our local law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration Laws. They are untouchables, the have more security and better protection then you and myself as normal citizens. GO ahead! Mr Obama. Go ahead Democrats and your Party give amnesty to them and let’s surrender our country to them!

No more to say for today (I should write in Spanish next time)

Angelo H Mino