Wednesday, July 08, 2009


And I was hoping to have a nice peaceful Wednesday. Here is Angelos latest installment.

Are OBAMA and The Democratic Party using the Immigration Reform as a “re-election tool? BET!

My dear American Brother and Sister you know by all the means that I am an immigrant, my home town Ecuador is in the center of the world (Equatorial Line) and now I am an American Citizen living in the heart of American.

I was welcome to this Country and the best lessons of leadership, personal responsibility I learned in this great country that is why I always like introduce my self as “Born in Ecuador but Made in America”. Here is where American leaders taught me the importance of continuing with the principles, moral, values that the framers and fathers of our country leave us as a eternal and patriotic legacy.

I went step by step from all the Immigration process, first entering legally to USA by using the American visa issued by the USA Consulate Office in Quito and with the “Entry/Departure document” issued by the Immigration authorities in the Airport (Houston TX), later on by getting my Employment Authorization Card and my social security number that will made me eligible to work in USA, waiting for several year and moving up the “Temporary Permanent Resident doing the things right sometimes feels like punishment because immigration will request from you to wait until the cap of visas availability for your country will allow you to receive the resident status, you can not go back to your country during this process, it mean you can not exit the country not even for emergency situations, you must go to several meeting, the process is expensive, fingerprints, interviews, background and criminal investigation and more, and after several years of waiting I did receive my “Permanent Resident Card”, after this great step you must wait 3 to 5 years before you can apply for your American Citizenship, as follows: If your spouse in an American Citizen you wait only 3 years if not the 5 years waiting applies to you. You start another long process with more fingerprinting, interviews and a TEST on Civics, History and American Government, the final step is a face to face interview with the immigration Judge where you must show your “proficiency” in speaking, understanding, writing and reading in English, after passing all the mentioned requirements you wait for your “Ceremony of Citizenship “This is the greatest day of a immigrant’s life, this day you do your Oath as Citizen of USA. It takes a little longer too before you can receive the invitation to arrive in the mail, long process, very long but worthy process, by the way if you get in trouble will the law at any time of this long process you can loose everything they can stop you process up to deportation.

You must be asking to your self: Why is Angelo telling us all these details? Who cares about this immigrant Processes? My answer is: If you call your self an American Citizen you better open your eyes and se how the Democrat Party and President Obama wants to utilize the Immigration Reform as a tool of Continuity in the Government and re-election.

I will show that it happened before and was use by the democrats and they are ready to use it again!

I am not against the Immigration reform, there are a great number of immigrants that care, love and respect this country they are welcome to be part of our great American Experiment, but I am against that this Immigration Reform they will be will allow (undocumented, illegal immigrants) to qualify for Citizenship. I quote what President Obama said “We need to work for a way to give the citizenship status to the 12 million of illegals living in our Country”

I do believe one of the “legal” punishment for entering illegally and remain as illegal should be the Denial of Citizenship opportunities, they can have their permanent status as it is now under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. And renew their legal status every 10 years.

I do know several people that are currently permanent residents that they DO NOT want to applied for Citizenship and they just want to remain legally working in USA as Permanent Residents and they are great, honest and hard working individuals, people with strong work ethics and looking for a permanent self-development opportunities to make that American dream to be a true thing in their life.

Coming back to the undocumented Immigrants: They have to pay a fine, this fine should be proportional with number of years that they were illegally working in USA( some with different names and without paying taxes), This will generate millions of dollars to the government (12 millions X $ 3,000) , plus the normal application fees (12 millions X $ 750). I hope that all that money is allocated to save, solve, support and recuperate the bad Social Security and Federal Reserve.

Please Come back next weekend and I will show you how President Obama and the liberals wants to use this reform as a re-lection tool and I will give you specifics and facts on how they did this before. Do you remember the “New Deal”?

You will see that even Cesar Chavez the Union Leaders for the Mexican and agriculture workers was against and he was very vocal about showing his discontent with illegal immigration and immigration amnesty, To tell you a big true: The best ever whistle blowers for the Immigration were Chavez’ himself , his people and union leaders.

I will show you that there is an individual whom is right now acting as President Obama’s “Immigration consultant” and he was very, I will say very extremely close collaborator with the former President Vicente Fox’s government, yep! A Mexican corrupted politician in the White House helping to the “Gringo’s President”. I will bring names and facts.

See you next week.

Angelo Mino