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For the rest of the summer all updates will take place after 6pm central. When the weather starts turning to crap again I will return to mornings. I will however be adding Saturday updates and continue to utilize twitter to keep you idiots informed.
Here are 10 stories for you to read while your KCMO friends try to figure out how to use their pop up books.

1. I sure hope that studying cat behavior wasn funded by the government.

2. Freedom of Speech on the internet could soon be a thing of the past.

3. NYC's finest are limo drivers for the homeless.

4. Barbara Boxer is a drama queen. Is she an Art Bell caller?

5. Whores are better fund raisers than Big Candy Bars?

6. The people of Northern Ireland are once again fighting to free their country from the Brits.

7. Showering before sex is questionable?

8. Kate Gosselin might want to think twice before copping an attitude to her replacement.

9. Cussing is healthy!!

10. What a crappy way to die.

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