Can someone please tell who the hell is watching this roller derby garbage? Like Disco, butterfly collars and disco this crap should of stayed buried in the 70's. As many of you know I have started researching the making of midget derby. I plan on taking the roller derby concept but replacing the big butch women on skates with midgets in wheelchairs. I will keep you posted.

1. Looks like Bubbles could be getting a body cavity search in the near future.

2. I think that the parents are innocent and the kid is slanging.

3. New Orleans finally found a way to top its crap reputation. 100 rat bites on baby causes death.

4. Will Obama apologize to Neanderthals for the way that humans treated them? Will they dig up this cavemans body and convict him of hate crimes?

5. The emperor takes another step at disarming citizens.

6. Lies, Lies, Lies....The Obama way.

7. Socializing medicine is the latest con game that Obama is running on America. He might be the dumbest smart guy in Americ

8. Pelosi's ignorance is once again on display for us all to see.

9. Just another thing for women to bitch about.

10. Bloomberg is a freaking moron.

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