Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The two biggest problems facing Kansas City, Mo are crime and crappy schools. That's right. The city cant protect or educate the kids in their city and the Mayor is completely clueless on how to solve either of them. Those of you that read this blog know for a fact that street gangs have taken over the east side.

I am not talking about a few dealers and their crews. I am talking about gangs on every block. Gangs that have such little fear of the police department that they will post their pictures on youtube and myspace holding guns and drugs right next to their school ID.

I am not talking about a few kids flunking out of school and cutting class. I am talking about a school district that is nationally known for its high drop out rates, low test scores and superintendent merry go round. I am talking about a school district that gets worst every year.

So what does the Mayor of KCMO propose to do to fix these problems? Take guns away from registered gun owners that have undergone extensive training and background checks..... And have a summit to discuss the schools. Neither of these plans would do a damn thing to fix anything and will more than likely do more damage than good.

But lets face it Kansas City, you had your chance. There was a recall movement out there and you failed to get the signatures to rid the metro of the tallest stack of crap in the metro and his wart hog wife. Because of that I don't want to hear you bitch about a damn thing that this guy does. You not only voted for him, YOU FAILED TO GET RID OF HIM.

Your failure to take charge of your city and elect competent people to city hall, the school board and the Mayors office has to make one wonder if your Mayor is indeed the smartest of the bunch.......