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Monday, January 10, 2011


I swear to got this guy could screw up a wet dream.  All year we kept hearing about his new snow plan and today it fell completely short of expectations.  KCMO streets still sucked and more money was wasted.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


What a pathetic display of leadership.
“ahh yes Mr. Mayor can you tell me why you have failed at everything you have attempted?”
“ahh yes, Mr. Mayor what is it like to bang a troll?”
“ ahh yes Mr. Mayor do you know where East KCMO is?”
“ahh yes Mr. Mayor can you explain again how new sidewalks educate kids?”

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Mayor: 'We Need to Start With Schools'471


This guy hasn’t been able to fix anything in the city YET he has a plan to fix the biggest problem this city has?

ALSO did he JUST NOW realize that there was a problem with the schools?  This is nothing more than an election scam.  This ass clown can’t run for anything that he ran for last time (because he failed at them all) so now he is going to run as the “education mayor”. 

If we JOCOians ever needed more proof that KCMO was full of morons (not that we did) this is it.  

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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Murders, homelessness, drugs, poor schools, sinking property values, a crumbling infrastructure, financial crisis, jobs leaving, and lack of direction = INACTION



Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The two biggest problems facing Kansas City, Mo are crime and crappy schools. That's right. The city cant protect or educate the kids in their city and the Mayor is completely clueless on how to solve either of them. Those of you that read this blog know for a fact that street gangs have taken over the east side.

I am not talking about a few dealers and their crews. I am talking about gangs on every block. Gangs that have such little fear of the police department that they will post their pictures on youtube and myspace holding guns and drugs right next to their school ID.

I am not talking about a few kids flunking out of school and cutting class. I am talking about a school district that is nationally known for its high drop out rates, low test scores and superintendent merry go round. I am talking about a school district that gets worst every year.

So what does the Mayor of KCMO propose to do to fix these problems? Take guns away from registered gun owners that have undergone extensive training and background checks..... And have a summit to discuss the schools. Neither of these plans would do a damn thing to fix anything and will more than likely do more damage than good.

But lets face it Kansas City, you had your chance. There was a recall movement out there and you failed to get the signatures to rid the metro of the tallest stack of crap in the metro and his wart hog wife. Because of that I don't want to hear you bitch about a damn thing that this guy does. You not only voted for him, YOU FAILED TO GET RID OF HIM.

Your failure to take charge of your city and elect competent people to city hall, the school board and the Mayors office has to make one wonder if your Mayor is indeed the smartest of the bunch.......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


  • First you elect complete idiots onto your School Board
  • Then you vote in a city counsel full of crooks

You should all be forced to wear dunce caps when entering JOCO.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This will be some pretty entertaining TV! What in the hell is this guy going to be able to say that is positive? That jaywalking is down? High Crime, Crappy schools, Urban Blight, Infrastructure problems all over, wife distractions, "new tools" failure, blight rail embarrassment, stimulus money embarrassment, recall embarrassment, minutemen embarrassment, NAACP embarrassment, fountains not being turned on embarrassment, police funding embarrassment..............
I hope to god that someone is there and throws this thing up on youtube.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I seriously think that this woman sits at home and thinks of ways to be an idiot. The latest one about her writing a book is pretty freaking funny. Have you heard the audio clip on 980s news report?

Seriously, who in their right mind would relocate a business to KCMO with this guy and his wife behind the wheel of the Titanic. It's almost as if they are trying to steer the boat into the ice burg.

Be Proud of your ELECTED official because you voted for him. LOL!


Dear Mr. Mayor,
When you are looking for answers for the problems in your life you needn't look any further than HIP HOP music. Eazy E for example give you great advice on how to deal with your wife. If I were you I would drop the double barrel and grab the harpoon as Mr. E suggests.

Monday, April 06, 2009


The first time people attempted to get rid of the Mayor of KCMO I was against it. I thought it was strictly racially motivated and payback for the whole Minutemen controversy. This time I believe that the people of KCMO are right, this clown needs to go away and never look back.

Never before have I seen a mayor mishandle his office the way that Funkhouser has. This guy makes Barney Fife look competent, his wife reminds me of an uglier version of Rosie O'Donell(but just as big of a bitch) and the two of them together are a complete and utter mess. I would rather attend a KCMOSD PTO meeting than listen to this guy talk about the unfair treatment of his wife.

But lets not stop there, you guys need to get rid of your City Manager too. He is just as petty and useless as the mayor. I am not sure what "city planning" this guy has done but the East Side still sucks, the river area is still underutilized, midtown needs a face lift, 18th and Vine is sinking and Union Station cant support itself. What POSITIVE move has this guy made?

The political situation that KCMO is in right now is the perfect example of how a crappy school district can effect a whole community. When you have a population base with a 50% drop out rate do you really expect them to make an informed decission? Hell no, otherwise they would stop paying for JOCO residents to drink and play in their city while they pick up the bill on the venues. Lets face it, even if you do get this guy out of office the people of KCMO aren't capable of replacing him with anyone competent. Sadly the population base of NKC can't overcome that of the wasteland across the river.

In conclusion, your screwed either way. Atleast this way there is something to talk about right?

Monday, March 16, 2009


Shannon and Parks need to change their weekly segment with the Mayor into the COLITIS HOUR. Because nobody talks more bullsh*t than him.

For now on I will be referring to the mayor of KCMO as COLITIS.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The fact that this idiot is always involved in some sorta cluster F*** makes those of us living outside of the Danger Zone wonder how he got elected to begin with. I can't go a single day without seeing or hearing about how this guy screwed up yet again. Please do the rest of us a favor and kick his ass out of office.

If you are looking for someone to blame for his election, I got you covered.
BLAME THE SCHOOL DISTRICT!! This is what happens when you allow the graduates of a crappy school district to vote.

Mayor McCheese would be an upgrade.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The Mayor: Resolution against illegal guns.
Well that solves everything! Who knew that it would so freaking simple? All that the mayor had to do was join a "coalition of mayors", ask for the passing of a resolution, and the violent crime in Kansas City will be gone. Who the F*** does this guy think he is? Aladdin? Did he get three wishes? Holy crap what a moron.

For months and months I have been calling on the Mayor, the Police Chief and the "media" to take on crime and this is what we get?
Hey jackass the guns are illegal therefore you have laws in place prohibiting them already so what the hell is a resolution going to do? Is a resolution more powerful than a law? No, it is just more symbolism without substance coming from an incompetent lurch looking mayor with no clue how to run a city.

If this is the best that we are going to get then I have a resolution of my own.... Increase illegal guns. Heck why not? Flood the neighborhoods with guns and lets get it all settled. Make September Homicide month in Kansas City. It would be like pulling off a band aid, the faster it is done the better. Why drag out murders through out the year?

While we are at it why not pass more problem solving resolutions? How about passing resolutions against Cancer, car accidents, unemployment, gas prices, long check out lines, cloudy days............


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know it is early but there isn't anything else that will be able to touch this in local politics for the remainder of the year. Today Saundra Ross and her band of fools found out that while they may have an opinion, it isn't a very popular one.

The people that led this recall should now crawl back into their caves of irrelevance with their tails between their legs and leave the guy alone. For some this will be hard, they have based their whole existence and notoriety on his possible demise. No matter what the tactics have been, they have failed. Convention blackmail, Park Board shake downs, Attacking his wife, Calling him a racist, Race Baiting etc.. all have resulted in failure.

When you are surrounded by people that will tell you that you are right you fail to see just how wrong that you are. I can't wait to see, hear and read the spin on this.

“While there were many voters in favor of the recall of the Mayor, the general consensus of the Kansas City populace was to give Mayor Funkhouser more time to fulfill his agenda for the city," Saundra Ross from NBC action news story linked above.

I am no Funkhouser supporter but holy crap this is funny!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Many of you are asking yourselves what the hell does one have to do with the other? Well probably nothing when you focus on the men and what they stand for but in the world of the internet they have one similarity, false hope for supporters and detractors.

In Ron Paul's case all that we have heard is how the polls are lying, he has the support in the grass roots, look at all of the money he has raised on the internet etc.... His supporters have been the most vocal, weather it be in the blog world or 5 guys standing on a corner holding up signs and their never ending phone calls into local/national talk radio. The whole time the people that actually understood the system have said that there is NO WAY that he can get elected. How many states has this guy picked up so far? Exactly.
Now lets look at the people that want Funkhouser recalled. They flood their blogs with personal attacks of him and his wife because he stood up to their racist agenda. They try (buy are often made to look like idiots) to sway local talk radio with their calls. There are now even rumors of T-Shirts being made and a lame rally. The people behind this recall would like to think that everyone in KCMO thinks the same way and they might actually believe it. If you were surrounded by people that thought the world was flat and you thought the same well you would think that everyone thought the same.

This whole thing is nothing more/nothing less than the extremist minority groups in this town pissed that they are no longer feared and catered to by city hall. Sure they throw in a few token white folks to make it look like something more but it is what it is. Just look at the points they use to recall the vote: From the Star

•Breached the public’s trust by trying to terminate Cauthen without the council’s support, violating the city charter. Racial

•Cost the city millions through the loss of the two national conventions that pulled out to protest the park board appointment of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps member Frances Semler, who resigned last week. Racial

•Is committing nepotism by allowing his wife, Gloria Squitiro, to volunteer as a personal assistant. The affidavit cites Squitiro allegedly calling an African-American employee “Mammy.” Racial

•Has failed to deliver on promises to revitalize the inner city. The affidavit suggests that Alvin Brooks, whom Funkhouser bested in a close election last spring, should replace Funkhouser. Racial

They want good old Alvin to replace the man so that they can go back to the good ole days of bags of money being dropped off at their church's, Racist group Headquarters and Ollie Gates can get more land for nothing.

It should be entertaining for those of us out in the dome to sit back and watch Kansas City go through Ron Paul lite. At least the Paul supporters understood the issues and truly believed in someone that they thought would be a good president, these people don't believe in anyone or any ideas and are just simply filled with hate/rage.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It is evident now more than ever that the city of Kansas City is knee deep in racial politics. The first time in a long time a White Male has had the job of mayor in this town and the race baiters are going to try and recall him.

This has backfire written all over it. What the idiots that are behind this don't realize is that by doing this there will be a HUGE voter turnout in support of this guy. I don't like the guy but the dirty politics behind this would make me vote in favor of him and I am sure that there others city wide that feel the exact same way.

What happens to your groups/causes when this gets shot down? They wilt away and you become irrelevant.