Monday, April 06, 2009


The first time people attempted to get rid of the Mayor of KCMO I was against it. I thought it was strictly racially motivated and payback for the whole Minutemen controversy. This time I believe that the people of KCMO are right, this clown needs to go away and never look back.

Never before have I seen a mayor mishandle his office the way that Funkhouser has. This guy makes Barney Fife look competent, his wife reminds me of an uglier version of Rosie O'Donell(but just as big of a bitch) and the two of them together are a complete and utter mess. I would rather attend a KCMOSD PTO meeting than listen to this guy talk about the unfair treatment of his wife.

But lets not stop there, you guys need to get rid of your City Manager too. He is just as petty and useless as the mayor. I am not sure what "city planning" this guy has done but the East Side still sucks, the river area is still underutilized, midtown needs a face lift, 18th and Vine is sinking and Union Station cant support itself. What POSITIVE move has this guy made?

The political situation that KCMO is in right now is the perfect example of how a crappy school district can effect a whole community. When you have a population base with a 50% drop out rate do you really expect them to make an informed decission? Hell no, otherwise they would stop paying for JOCO residents to drink and play in their city while they pick up the bill on the venues. Lets face it, even if you do get this guy out of office the people of KCMO aren't capable of replacing him with anyone competent. Sadly the population base of NKC can't overcome that of the wasteland across the river.

In conclusion, your screwed either way. Atleast this way there is something to talk about right?