Wednesday, December 23, 2009


If it isn't one thing it is another.  Why in the freaking world do we bow down to these leftist pansies?  Is there not a CEO or elected official left in America with any balls.  If it isn't Christmas it is smoking or Columbus Day or hyphenated American or earning too much, or protecting the animals whaa, whaaaa whaaa.  

1.  How the hell can you take the CHRISTMAS OUT OF A CHRISTMAS TREE.
2.  Our wonderful leader thinks that it is appropriate to bash our values while he hangs an ornament up of a man that ordered tanks to destroy protesters.
3.  It is ironic that on the eve of the birth of baby Jesus that liberals are set to pass a bill allowing for tax payer funded abortions.  
4.  The home of Clinton is also home to even more Christmas haters. 
5.  Old folks in Chicago(go figure) are being banned from putting on Christmas decorations.....

This is just a small sampling of the stories that are out there this week.  If you look you will find hundreds of stories about Christmas decorations being stolen or vandalized.  Can you imagine if muslim decorations suffered the same  fate?  There would be a massive manhunt and the crimes would of been called hate crimes.