Wednesday, December 23, 2009


1.  If you haven't watch the Vance Christmas lights from the church parking lot this year then you are missing out.  The light/music show is awesome and best of all free.
2.  This is the first year in a long time that we decided to skip the Mayors Christmas Tree.  It seems like a waste of gas to look at the twigs that this moron picks out.
3.  The big holiday gift discussion this year has been about E Readers.  The Sony vs. Nook vs. Kindle debate finally came to an end when my wife got her Kindle this week.  
4.  Never offer to watch someones loud ass bird.  
5.  Which is worst.  Going to church for Christmas & Easter or not going to church all year?
6.  I was pretty excited when the arena and P&L district went in.  Hell I helped campaign for the thing.  Unfortunately it has turned into a playground for pop collared douche bag posers.
7.  How long will it be until there is a TV station running Christmas Vacation from Christamas eve on?
8.  As I type this Kaite Horner is picking out her clothing for 5 days of "blizzard" coverage.
9.  When sports teams have a losing season typically the coach/manager gets fired.  Why is it that we can't say the same about murder rates in KCMO?
10.  Can someone please tell me what the current GPA conversion rate is between BV & KCMOSD?  Is an F student in BV an honor roll student in KCMOSD?