You can keep trying to prevent progress and jobs but you will eventually lose.  Especially now that global warming has been proven to be completely made up by AlGore and Eurotrash scientist.


  1. half of Russia is on fire, they're experiencing their hottest temperatures on record ever--oh, and the 2 ice caps and all the glaciers are melting, internationally, but there's no such thing as climate change or global warming, caused by a dramatic increase in CO2, due to humans, right?

    You're denying the ice caps and glaciers?

    Just asking.

    Mo Rage

  2. I have no doubt that man is not responsible for "climate change". Scientist cover ups, record cold winters and the fact that Algore is the spokesman is all the proof I need. But then you thrown in the UN and Hollywood and it seals the deal.

    I believe that cities should build up and not out, I believe we should have more national parks, animal preserves etc.. but not this crap.

  3. Further proof, just out today, on the glaciers and ice caps:

    "Scientist cover-ups"? You're referring to? I assume the emails that were released earlier which proved--nothing?

    "Record cold winters"? If you're referring to last winter, it was one of the warmest on record---globally. Sure, not here in Kansas City but globally it was one of our warmest ever. Check the statistics and hard data.

    For everyone's sake--yours, mine, the public's, everybody--leave Hollywood out of this. Surely you'd want to do that. Let's just use and refer to scientific, hard data. Ignore the actors and actresses.

    Glad to hear we agree about cities, parks, preserves, etc., too.

    The fact is, the way man is using the planet right now is not sustainable. Not by a long shot, that's all.

    Thanks for the note--have a great weekend,

    Mo Rage

  4. Glad you stopped by Mo. Have a good one as well.