Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I have been watching

This summer many of us were forced to do something that we never thought we would do between May and September, watch TV.  If you live in JOCO it was the heat that forced you in and in KCMO it was the bullets, either way we were screwed.  So now that summer is done and over with I thought I would share with you the crap that kept my attention on TV this summer. 

1.  Top Shot - History Channel
2.  American Pickers - History Channel
3. Phineas & Ferb - Disney Channel - I started watching this show with the kids and was surprised at how funny it actually was.
4.  The Wire - I have been going back through the series with the HBO on Demand feature.
5.  Pawn Stars - History Channel -  I just started watching this show and it isn't bad for summer TV.
6.  The World Cup - The highlight of summertime TV this year had to be the World Cup.
7.  Wipeout - I use to watch the Japanese version of this show on Spike TV and this is every bit as good as that was.  
8.  Food Channel - Pretty much any of the shows that cover BBQ, Dives etc..
9.  The All Star Game
10.  Entourage 
11.  And the best of them all Treme