Monday, August 23, 2010


Kansas City, Mo & KCK are such great places to live. I see why you guys are so quick to defend the city's that you live in.  The culture is outstanding!

1.  Estimated price of a life in Liberty = $45
2.  Couples night in KCMO - Murder Suicide. 
3.  The latest in a weekend of blood in the metro - 39th street.
4.  Body under a blanket and a smell were enough to get the police involved on the Plaza.
5.  6 in the morning is never good in the hood. Carjacking
6.  Another fairytale life ends in the East Side.  
7.  Man gunned down and the chick was abducted in KCK.
8.  Ugly Independence "woman" probably killed her husband.  Classy.
9.  Woman killed, man dead.  Your typical East Side Friday night.
10.  KCK tries to keep pace with the Varsity squad this weekend.  Game Over
11. Another freaking carjacking and shooting in KCMO. 
12.  After the shot and robbed this dude they stole his freaking pants. lol.