Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Wire - Sex, Money & Murder

Labor day weekend is never a disappointment in the metro BUT this weekend had it all. If you live in the East Side and you are still alive then consider yourself lucky.  DAMN!

1.  Cutlery death on Olathe highway. 
2.  Smacking ho's will get your ass fatally stabbed in KCMO.
3.  Prospect, Greggory Blvd and 10:30 at night.  If you combine those three then you should almost expect to get killed.
4.  Holy Crap this is awesome.  Shot man who was high on PCP caught running down the street in the East Side. 
5.  The decline of Independence leads to yet another Murder. 
6.  The only time Highland is ever in the news is when someone gets killed.  Guess what, Highland is in the news.
7.  Everyone is getting into the Murder act.  Welcome backwards ass Belton into the mix.
8.  Another Awesome East Side Tale - Man gets stabbed for refusing to finish his dinner.  
9.  East Side set up leads to 2 people getting shot.  
10.  And to round out our Top 10 weekend Crimes.  A man gets shot 3 times while fleeing an argument and 2 more injured.