Sunday, January 23, 2011


There are so many over achievers this weekend that it was hard to choose who to feature.  The below pieces of crap did a great job of separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

1.  Only a thief in KCMO would be dumb enough to target a store in which the highest priced item is a dollar
2.  Cold temperatures don't frighten off Prospect ave. shooters.  1 dead.
3.  KCMO alley ways serve as tombs for its residents.
4.  Olathe Tough guy murders 3 week old child.  Have a nice short life in prison you piece of Sh&*
5.  Wichita is just now getting their first homicide of the year?  Slackers
6.  16 Year Old KCK chick get acceptance letter from her first choice prison.  Full Ride scholarship for life.