Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Because covering politics all the time sucks. 

1.  For those of us that love Netflix Instant Que this Twitter app is now a must.
2.  12 Fastest Cars in the World  - The Sixth Wall
3.  From Brass Monkey to Wine Critic.  Mike D?
4.  Great post regarding the best toys of the 90's
5.  If you are thinking about buying a Tablet then you should read this first.
6.  After fleecing Americans of millions of dollars Justin Bieber calls us evil.  Douche Bag
7.  Here is an in depth article about Strip Club Recruiters.  Yes, Strip Club Recruiters.
8.  Students dragged to protest by school teachers.  All of this of course is payed for by tax dollars.
9.  Here is a good one from Texas.  Elected official tells white people to go to hell.  Personally, I think that Obama has done wonders for race relations.
10.  The top ugliest houses in America