Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Most conservatives wouldn't dare reveal that they read anything other than Fox News and Drudge.  Then again most conservatives are uptight pricks.  ENJOY!

1.  The 5 second rule is a bunch of crap.  Go ahead and eat your infected food if you don't believe me.
2.  Life could be worst.  18 horrifying dystopias that make living in East KCMO look pleasant
3.  How in the hell was this Bugs Bunny looking kid the bully in this situation?  WOW.
4.  This guy had a general store shoved up his rectum before he went to prison.
5.  10 Civilizations that Obama would like to turn America into
6.  Stand By Me was one of the greatest movies of my generation.  Where are they now?
7.  Ninja vs. Pirate - Who is better?
8.  This is a list the Frank Martin will certainly be in soon.  9 Sports Meltdowns.
9.  7 things to do after a one night stand.
10.  Girls of the NCAA tournament.
11.  Tigers Ex has a new home.