Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not So Daily Link Blast

Enjoy today's installment you lazy non internet searching bastards.
1.  Take a look at what advertisements for Facebook, Twitter and Skype would look like in the 50's
2.  Great video find of Belfast in 1901
3.  I figure I better post this one now before we get to close to Easter.  15 awesome church signs.
4.  Brand new video of the Tsunami - Unreal
5.  The 40 oz. Archive - The greatest archive of malt liquor in the world.
6.  Retro Hand Held Game collection - Yes it is playable.
7.  This is a link that many of you need to follow - 300 blogger templates. You no longer have an excuse for having a crappy looking blog.
8.  Bookmark these sites today for your 2012 Olympic coverage.
9. Did Tiger Woods pick up his new girlfriend at Nick & Jakes?  You can find 100's of chicks that look like this there every week.