Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not So Daily Link Blast

Because I know how to use Google and you bastards don't.

1.  Lame morons embarrassing themselves tomorrow with bad jokes = YOU Top 10 April Fools Day pranks caught on video = them.
2. Victoria's Secret launches Swim Suit line - Yes there are pictures (lots and lots of pictures)
3.  122 of best PC Games in the past 22 years. How the hell is Mine Sweeper on that list?  Who the hell ever figured out how to play that damn thing?
4.  Remember the WOPR?  Top 10 computers in movie history.
5.  BreweryMap.COM- Could this be the app of the year?
6.   Born a Lard Ass?  132 lbs 3 year old
7.  Betty White hosting a punked show for old farts?  This could be must see TV
8.  KCK and KCMO residents won't notice this infestation - Stinkbug Invasion!  
9.  Bueller!
10.  As a kid I had a Dominique Wilkins poster next to the one I had of Bo Jackson.  Now the guy is getting his ass kicked by random fans in the street.