Wednesday, May 11, 2011


What happens when black youth cross Troost in KCMO?  Liberal elitist panic and expose their true colors and try to rid their sacred Plaza area of the same people that they exploit for votes every year.

The KCMO liberal elite only want to associate with the black community when it benefits them.  You know, when they want to throw a fancy party and write it off as a "charitable event" or get their name mentioned in the media for being compassionate. 

These same douche bags will talk about the diversity that KCMO has compared to JOCO yet fail to realize that they live in one of the most segregated citys in the United States.  Think about it for just a minute, the elite in KCMO have put tan people in one section of the city, black in another, brown in another etc... and don't give a crap what happens in those areas (judging by the inability to protect and educate the residents).