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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wire - 70 degree days

The Mayans have nothing on my ability to predict future events and this weekends violence proves it.  Never before in this city's recent history have the elitist ruling class been more afraid.  Trust me, in two weeks they will have that area resembling East Germany.  
For over 5 years now we have been discussing the crime epedimic in the metro and for 5 years it has gone ignored.  In this time, city leaders have even stated that violent crime has dropped and the Mayor, city counsel and chief of police have played blind, deaf and dumb.  ONLY NOW that it has reached the sacred grounds of the plaza are people starting to pay attention and promise "action".  

I wouldn't count on it working though.  If we know one thing about liberal elitist in this town it is that they are all symbolism without substance.  

1.  North East residents are pissed at all the attention that the plaza has been getting - Murder
2.  3 Kids shot under the age of 16 in front of Cheescake Factory on the Plaza.  And the one and only decent place left in KCMO is history.  
4.  KCK makes a run at KCMO but falls short with only 2 shootings.  54th and Crap Street.
5.  KCMO shooters aren't sexist - Woman shot/killed

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


What happens when black youth cross Troost in KCMO?  Liberal elitist panic and expose their true colors and try to rid their sacred Plaza area of the same people that they exploit for votes every year.

The KCMO liberal elite only want to associate with the black community when it benefits them.  You know, when they want to throw a fancy party and write it off as a "charitable event" or get their name mentioned in the media for being compassionate. 

These same douche bags will talk about the diversity that KCMO has compared to JOCO yet fail to realize that they live in one of the most segregated citys in the United States.  Think about it for just a minute, the elite in KCMO have put tan people in one section of the city, black in another, brown in another etc... and don't give a crap what happens in those areas (judging by the inability to protect and educate the residents). 

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Did KCMO/KCK shooters stay inside due to wind last night? WTF is this taking the day off crap? If I have to drag my ass to the office on Mondays then so should you.

1. If you own a Hispanic grocery store in the metro you should be prepared to get jacked for your pesos.

2. Man that kills dog by ass raping it has to see a shrink.......

3. Robber crashes into the only restaurant on the plaza that folks from KCK can afford.

4. FINALLY A ROBBERY THAT MAKES SENSE! It is about time the crooks of this city figure out that robbing apartments in the projects is not as lucrative as hitting up Mission Hills.

5. It isn't safe to eat a Burrito Bowl in waldo.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The 10 stories that you need to know about before you speak to anyone today.

1. The music on the plaza just got better.

2. Another day another vacant burns to the ground. I am surprised that the liberals in Kansas City haven't asked the mayor to do something about the carbon foot print that all of this arson is causing.

3. Wornall road continues to be the most robbed section of the city.

4. Will the actions of the Human Society cause the price of Chinese food to increase?

5. Ever wonder why you sometimes see hot chicks with ugly guys? Scientist might of found the answer (and it isn't money).

6. Have the feds found Dr. Evil's secret hideout?

7. American Airlines give the finger to troops fighting to protect their freedom.

8. Finally a place with crappier rides than Worlds of Fun.

9. Ewwwwwww. I know some of you are going to bid on this! Sick bastards!

10. Fondled for an A. Sounds like a great trade off.