Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wire - 70 degree days

The Mayans have nothing on my ability to predict future events and this weekends violence proves it.  Never before in this city's recent history have the elitist ruling class been more afraid.  Trust me, in two weeks they will have that area resembling East Germany.  
For over 5 years now we have been discussing the crime epedimic in the metro and for 5 years it has gone ignored.  In this time, city leaders have even stated that violent crime has dropped and the Mayor, city counsel and chief of police have played blind, deaf and dumb.  ONLY NOW that it has reached the sacred grounds of the plaza are people starting to pay attention and promise "action".  

I wouldn't count on it working though.  If we know one thing about liberal elitist in this town it is that they are all symbolism without substance.  

1.  North East residents are pissed at all the attention that the plaza has been getting - Murder
2.  3 Kids shot under the age of 16 in front of Cheescake Factory on the Plaza.  And the one and only decent place left in KCMO is history.  
4.  KCK makes a run at KCMO but falls short with only 2 shootings.  54th and Crap Street.
5.  KCMO shooters aren't sexist - Woman shot/killed