Almost Daily Link blast

How many of us spent Thursday showing our thanks for not living in KCMO? 

1.  8 Embarrassing moments kids have when growing up.
2.  Behind the scenes of the making of KC's Tech N9NE's new album 
3.  Public vs. Private behavior, is this you?
4.  How masturbation(or the fear of) shaped the world.
5.  10 most important moments in a guys life
6.  Giant Fences make good neighbors 
7.  10 crazy cemeteries 
8.  10 things that you probably shouldn't text
9.  Famous cold cases that were eventually solved.
10.  10 funny "manly" products
11.  Mafia sets up Organ Trading store in Turkey.
12.  13 things said at Thanksgiving dinner that might of made you giggle.

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