Friday, November 04, 2011

You know your neighborhood sucks when

You know your neighborhood sucks when an Aldi opening (with gov assistance) is front page news.  

The amount of press coverage this is getting unbelievable and only makes the area look worst (if that is even possible) than it is.  We are talking about 13 jobs and bags of Frito's for $1 not state of the art medical research facilities or even a Jack n The Box.  Is KCMO hoping that Aldi will spur growth in that area or just prevent East Side residents from entering their upscale neighborhoods to purchase food?

Here are 5 more Questions or Issues that I see with this announcement.  

1.  At Aldi's you use cardboard boxes instead of bags to carry your food out.  This means that residents would have to decide which wing of their house would be torn down to carry out groceries.
2.  You have to pay money to get a shopping cart.  Will Aldi implement a WIC for Cart program?
3.  Who the hell are they going to find to work there?  This store will be a target for robbery on a daily basis.
4.  Do they plan on changing the store name every time criminal activity takes place there to keep pace with the name changing of the street that they are on?  This places name and address might change 5 times a year.
5.  Will they sell boxed wine?