Sunday, March 04, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Because politics all the time is bad for your health

1.  Finding Jesus is easier than you think.
2.  20 people that loved eating people
3.  If you have one of these 10 medical syndromes then you are a freak
4.  8 hairstyles on women and what guys think of them.  (yes the femullet is mentioned)
5.  This Chinese reality show needs to make it to America - The Execution Factor
6.  Limbaugh apologizes to slut for calling her what she is
7.  TSA agents like Milf breasts
8.  Spam turns 75 and nobody cares.
9.  7 best HS parties in movie history 
10.  Obama likes gay men that have a big weapon 
11.  Rednecks go Green