Thursday, March 15, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

I am not sure why you are reading this crap when basketball is on!

1.  When women say one of these words, run!
2.  12 Hamburgers that you probably would never eat.
3.  19 Family Feud answers given by KCMOSD grads.
4.  10 WORST Baseball cards ever.  Holy crap these are bad.
5.  How to tell a woman that her Boyfriend is a total Douche Bag.
6.  3 Reasons to buy your IPAD 3 from Wal-Mart
7.  Further Proof that the PS3 sucks
8.  How much is your body worth?  This is an interesting read.
9.  11 Things Banned in Vegas, where gambling and prostitution is legal...
10 . Communist China will now control the news in the United States.